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Chios island Greece

Chios is the second largest island in the north Aegean. It is situated near the geographical centre, south of Lesvos. It covers an 822 Sq. Κm. area and has a coastal perimeter of about 500 miles. The highest mountainous terrain is Pelinaion (1170 m).

Chios has frequent ferry boat connections from Piraeus and Salonica and Turkey. Every moment of the year Chios is ready to provide holidays to fulfill the dreams of every visitor to the paradise island. Mild winter with few rains, calm sea and the characteristic “Meltemi”, north wind that blow during summer months and moderate the heat from the climate.

The main attraction that Chios has to offer is the unbounded physical beauty of its coastline, antique villages and magnificent beaches.

The warm crystal clear sea makes Chios wellκnown as a place ideal for living. Now days this beautiful island, in harmony with the nature connected with the tradition and modern life, offers a lot of opportunity to the thousands of visitors.

More info: http://www.chiosonline.gr


The Fortress of Chios

The castle of Chios, “Frourio” (fortress), is one of the few in Greece that are perched along the sea and is deeply seeped in history of Chios, spanning from the Byzantine era to the present day. more


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